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2017 Mock Trial – Volunteer Information

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Thank you for supporting our students!

This year's grabbed-from-the-local-and-national-headlines case, the People v. Awbrey, is a trial about human trafficking and false imprisonment. The pretrial issue involves the Fourth and Fifth Amendments, namely protection against illegal search and seizure and against self-incrimination.

The Mock Trial program provides students with the excitement of working in teams, exchanging ideas, setting goals, and examining issues while interacting with positive role models from their communities. The experience helps students gain confidence, become critical thinkers, and inspires many to explore the field of law after high school.

Signup Information for Attorneys

Signup Information for Judges

Signup Information for Law Students


For more information or if you would like to volunteer,
please contact Jonathan Lance at 925.942.3429
or send an e-mail to

On behalf of the Contra Costa County Office of Education and the participating high school students and coaches, thank you to all of our 2016 judges, attorneys and law students for generously contributing your time and expertise to the 34th Annual Contra Costa County High School Mock Trials. Your participation makes this event possible!

Hon. Steve Austin Hon. David Flynn (Ret.) Dirk Manoukian
Hon. Barry Baskin Hon. Richard Flier (Ret.) Hon. Terri Mockler
Hon. Terence Bruiniers Barry Grove Hon. Dan O'Malley (Ret.)
Hon. Charles Burch Matthew Guichard Hon. Mary Ann O'Malley
Daniel Cabral Blair Hoffman Hon. Lowell Richards
Patrick Cannon Hon. John Kennedy Hon. Anita Santos
Michael Chamberlain Hon. Leslie Landau Hon. Steve Treat
Aaron DeFerrari Robin Lipetzky Dominique Yancey
Hon. Jill Fannin Hon. Clair Mair  
Attorney Judges/Scorers
Phil Andersen Jessica Graham Dorian Peters
Brooke Barnum-Roberts Fahnda Hashish Marina Pitts
Brian Baker Ann Johnston Ray Roinson
Tamara Bartlett Marnie Jubelirer Diane Rose
Maryanne Britten Kyle Kahan Sandra Rosen
Kristen Busby Stephanie Kang Ralph Seuss
Sarah Castelhano Nicole Hannington Richard Severy
Matthew Cody Dodie Katague Jeremy Seymour
Larry Cook Kelly Kraetsch David Simon
Angelo Costanza Angela Kreta Thomas Sponsler
Kevin Cunnane Evan Kuluk Irene Takahashi
Donna Dell Kevin Lally Stephenie Teichman
Steven Derby Maria Lawless Saron Tesfai
Eric Dickson Doug MacMaster Ron Tran
Vanessa Efremsky Tara McManigal Ethan Weisinger
Robert Ewing Luz Mendoza Merrit Weisinger
Jachyn Davis Shelley Molineaux Lauren Whalen
Jennifer Fiore Charles Nellari Caleb Webster
Scott Fink Lewis Pascalli, Jr. Joanathan Wolff
Jacqueline Forni Daniel Payne Melanie Yabut
Mark Freeman Margeaux Pelusi  
Amiram Givon Brianna Penna  

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