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The Career Development Program of the Contra Costa County Office of Education provides many services designed to meet the needs of high school students and adults interested in careers. We provide career development courses at every high school in Contra Costa and parts of Alameda counties.

Career training areas include:

  • Applied Technology
  • Business
  • Communications
  • Health and Human Services
  • Hospitality
  • Industrial/Engineering
  • Science and Biotechnology

Classroom training is enhanced by opportunities for job shadowing and internships, opportunities to work with mentors and do field work, articulation with post-secondary education, and contacts for potential employment.

We also offer training, retraining, and upgrading courses for adult students and industry employees in specific skill areas. Through state and federal contracts, specialized job-related services are provided to displaced workers, and rehabilitation clients.

The Career Development Program's strong leadership role as an educational liaison provides linkages for school districts, community-based organizations, industry, and governmental agencies. We sponsor and participate in activities to promote communication and collaboration leading to outstanding training programs.

Career Development Programs:

In addition to the career-oriented training courses offered by ROP, Career Development also provides the following specialized services to adults:

  • The provider of supplementary service for students who face economic or other barriers identified under the Carl Perkins Act
  • A training and job search provider for the Department of Rehabilitation's WorkAbility II clients
  • The testing and training provider for the staff from over 130 local Community Care Facilities through an agreement with the California Department of Developmental Services
  • Countywide Career Guidance Network

In each program, instruction and delivery of services have been designed to ensure opportunities for students to take grade appropriate academic course work, address basic skill deficits, earn high school credits, earn the GED, and/or vocational preparation. Additionally, these programs emphasize the development of pro-social behaviors and life skills.

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Career Development Contacts:
Director, Student Programs 925.942.3368
Administrative Assistant III 925.942.3368
FAX   925.934.1057

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