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CCCOE Financial System

The CCCOE Financial System is the financial software package used by sixteen districts in Contra Costa County. The software vendor for this system is the Tyler Technologies Corporation. The CCCOE Financial System is the result of planning, implementation, support, and total collaboration efforts by The Contra Costa County Office of Education, many Contra Costa County school districts, and the Tyler Technologies Corporation.

The “Welcome to the CCCOE FMIS Kit” is now available to a new FMIS user to help get acquainted with this very robust solution. This kit contains valuable resources designed to help a new Financial System user find the information critical to becoming successful at their job. The first three (and most critical) resources are:

These three resources are explored more in-depth in the kit and are a great starting point to get a new Financial System user properly oriented with the supports available for this solution.


Business & Administration Services Contacts:
Manager, District Business Services 925.942.3411
Supervisor, District Payroll Services 925.942.3321
Technology Systems Contacts:
IT Project Manager/Systems Administrator 925.942.3462
Database Administrator 925.942.3461
Network Engineer 925.942.3414


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