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Curriculum Council

The purpose of the Contra Costa County Curriculum Council is to support district success and build leadership capacity by providing a forum for LEA curriculum and instruction leaders to receive timely information, share best practices, and engage in collaborative learning and problem-solving around critical instructional topics.


Curriculum Council Resources

2016-17 Curriculum Council and Subcommittee Meeting Dates (pdf)

Curriculum Council Meetings

April 28, 2017

Meeting Agenda (pdf)

  1. History-Social Science Framework: Content and Inquiry What districts should be doing now to prepare. Emily Richards, Program Coordinator, UC Berkeley History-Social Science Project
    1. 1.0_HSS Framework.Curriculum Council
  2. California Department of Education (CDE) Computer Science Discussion Paula Evans, STEM Consultant, CDE
  3. Announcements
    1. Title III Information at
    2. CCCOE Summer 2017 Math and Code PD (pdf)
  4. 7-Minute Overview of the California Science Assessment (CAST)
    1. Information about CAST at:
  5. The New CAASPP Calculators: Exploring Math with Desmos
    1. Slidedeck at:
    2. One Page Handout with all Resources at:

January 27, 2017

Meeting Agenda (pdf)

  1. History-Social Science Framework:  Content and Inquiry
    What districts should be doing now to prepare

    Emily Richards, Program Coordinator, UC Berkeley History-Social Science Project

    1. History Social Science (H-SS) Framework Curriculum Council 1.27 (ppt)
    2. H-SS Framework Introduction Chapter
    3. Big Six Guideposts
  2. Announcements and Break
  3. 3. State Board of Education (SBE) Actions on (a) the Academic Indicator, (b) Definition of English Learners, and (c) LCFF Local Performance Indicators
    1. Powerpoint: RAN Update from 1/18/17
    2. LCAP Priority 2 Option 1 – Narrative
    3. LCAP Priority 2 Option 2 – Checklist
    4. LCAP Priority 3 Option 1 – Survey
    5. Sample Family Involvement Survey
    6. LCAP Priority 3 Option 2 – Local Option
    7. Sample Family School Partnership Guide
    8. California Assessment Timeline
    9. CAST Performance Task Grade 5
    10. CAST Discrete Response Grade 8
    11. CAST Constructed Response High School
  4. Building Community
    Carmen Wood, EL Coordinator, Brentwood Union School District
    1. Building Community Powerpoint

Curriculum Council Meeting Archive

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October 21, 2016

Meeting Agenda (pdf)

  1. 2016-2017 Statewide Assessment and Accountability
    1. New CAASPP Assessment Development and Pilot Testing
      1. State Accountability
    2. Update on LCAP Rubric and State Board Actions
      1. State Assessment
  2. Announcements and Break
  3. Curriculum Frameworks and Instructional Resources Division (CFRID) Update
    1. Selection of Non-SBE Adopted Instructional Materials: Process Resources and Tools
      1. Framework Update
      2. Non-Adopted_Instructional Materials
  4. Eligibility and Application for Gold Ribbon School Designation in 2017
    1. Gold Ribbon School Award

September 30, 2016

Meeting Agenda (pdf)

  1. 2016-2017 Curriculum Council Introductions
  2. CCCOE's Next Steps in Ed. Tech. Integration Support
    1. Ed Tech Update
  3. CCCOE's Computer Science Professional Learning Initiative: Training Educators to Teach Coding
    1. CA Statistics for Computer Science
    2. Introduction to
    3. Course Descriptions for Discoveries
    4. Course Descriptions for Principles
  4. Introduction to and Questions about the Local Control and Funding Formula's (LCFF's) Evaluation Rubrics Data
    1. CAs New Accountability System

June 2, 2016

May 13, 2016

Meeting Agenda (pdf)

  1. California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS) – Leslie Poyner,
    1. California School Climate, Health and Learning Survey System
  2. Focus on Phenomena: Shifting Instruction for NGSS Implementation
    1. NGSS Powerpoint entitled Focus on Phenomena
    2. Reading on Models and NGSS
    3. Reading on NGSS 3-Dimensional Instruction
    4. Reading on Engaging Students in Scientific Practices
    5. Fortune Telling Fish Science Experiment Explained
    6. NGSS Assessment Update from CDE
    7. To download Classroom Posters for NGSS go to:
  3. Announcements and Next Year's Meeting Schedule
    1. 2016-2017 Curriculum Council Meeting Schedule
    2. Graphic of CA Mathematics Placement Act (SB 359)
  4. Formative Assessment: Synthesizing Margaret Heritage's Presentation
    1. Powerpoint on Formative Assessment

April 22, 2016

Meeting Agenda (pdf)

  1. CTE Classes and the New Work Environment – CISCO Team
    1. CISCO Next Generation Job Skills
  2. Textbook Adoption Update
    1. DRDP Training Flyer
    2. Textbook Adoption Legislation
  3. Legal Issues in Social Studies Instruction – Avi Black, History/Social Science Consultant
    1. Current Legislative Initiatives in History Social-Science
  4. History/Social Studies Framework Development – Emily Richards, History/Social Science Project at UC Berkeley
    1. History Framework Workshop
    2. Grade 2 Reading/Activity
    3. Grade 4 Reading/Activity
    4. Grade 7 Reading/Activity
    5. Grade 10 Reading/Activity
    6. Grade 12 Reading/Activity
    7. Thesis and Evidence Reading
    8. Framework-Based Course Revision
    9. Flyer: Technology and Critical Thinking Skills
    10. Flyer: Teaching with Primary Sources
  5. Consolidated Application LEAP Goal 2 Update

March 11, 2016

Meeting Agenda (pdf)

  1. Designated and Integrated English Language Development
    1. Kimberly Plummer, ELA/ELD Strategist, for Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
  2. District Discussion about what you are doing to address the following:
    1. Newly required Math Placement Policy (SB 359)
    2. Educator Effectiveness Expenditure Plan
    3. NGSS implications for courses, graduation requirements and possible SBAC inclusion
  3. Available Library Resources – Susan Kantor-Horning, Emerging Technology Specialist, Contra Costa County Library
  4. CCCOE Subcommittee and CAASPP Training Updates
    1. Subcommittee Descriptions and Meeting Dates
    2. Curriculum Council Subcommittee Highlights 2015-16
  5. Transitioning to a New Accountability System (pptx)


Meeting Agenda (pdf)

  1. Number Talks: Deepening Student Mathematical Understanding Through Discourse
    1. Number Talks Powerpoint
    2. Number Talks Hand Signals
    3. Standards for Math Practice
    4. Talk Moves
    5. Connection to ELD Standards
    6. Building Options for Disclosure
    7. 9+ Ways to Develop Accountability with Students
    8. Article: Number Talks Build Numerical Reasoning (Moschkovich)
    9. Article: Number Talks Build Numerical Reasoning (Parrish)
  2. Applying the Next Generation Science Standards Through POINT Tours
    1. Point Toward Success Powerpoint
  3. ELA/ELD Instructional Materials Adoption and Toolkit
    1. ELA/ELD Powerpoint
    2. ELA/ELD Update – C. Gunderson
  4. California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress: Universal Tools, Designated Supports, and Accommodations
    1. UDA CAASPP Powerpoint
    2. Student Access Pyramid

October 16, 2015

Meeting Agenda (pdf)

  1. Nancy Brownell, Senior Fellow, SBE – Next Steps in Accountability for California
    1. New Accountability PowerPoint
  2. Announcements
  3. Update on ELA/ELD Instructional Materials Adoption and Launch Events
    1. ELA/ELD Framework Updates Presentation
    2. ELA/ELD Instructional Materials FAQ
  4. CAHSEE Questions & Answers
    1. SB 172 Communication to LEAs
    2. Article entitled With the Exit Exam Scrapped

September 25, 2015

Meeting Agenda (pdf)

  1. Welcome Back and Introductions
  2. Presentation on the Contra Costa Transitional Kindergarten Stipend Project
    1. Transitional Kindergarten Project Flyer
  3. Updates and Input Regarding Curriculum Adoption and Implementation of the ELA/ELD Framework
  4. SBAC Feedback Study: Post-Assessment Feedback: Interviews with Students and Teachers
    1. Smarter Balanced Focus Group
    2. LCFF State Priorities and Data Related Elements
  5. Next Directions/Steps for 2015-2016
  6. Announcements
    1. Registration for the 2015-16 Conditions of Learning Summit

April 17, 2015

Meeting Agenda (pdf)

  1. ELA/ELD Framework: Elements of Designated English Language Development
    1. 1a – ELA.ELD Activity
    2. 1b – ELA.ELD Activity
  2. Health Education Content Standards for California: What's Available and What's Not?
    1. Health Education Content Standards (ppt)
  3. Powerpoint of Clear Administrative Services Credential (CASC)
    1. Future Tier II Administrative CASC (ppt)
  4. California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) Update and Learnings

California NGSS State Rollout #2

Come explore the next steps in the journey toward NGSS Implementation. This is a collaborative effort that includes the California Department of Education, California Science Project, California Science Teachers Association, Curriculum and Instruction Steering Committee, and the K-12 Alliance/WestEd.

Each district is encouraged to bring a team of 4-6 including an administrator, high school science teacher, middle school science teacher, elementary teacher and other science leaders in your district.

When: April 27 & 28, 2015, 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Where: The San Joaquin County Office of Education
2707 Transworld Dr, Stockton, CA 95206

Registration: For more information and online registration go to:

Download the event flyer here

March 27, 2015

Meeting Agenda (doc)

  1. Using Design Thinking at a Systems level to Transform Organizations
    1. See resources on Los Altos School District Website
  2. Announcements
    1. College Board and CCCOE Professional Development Announcement (pdf)
    2. Thriving on the Vine Announcement (pdf)
    3. CA TK Stipend Project (pdf)
  3. Curriculum and Instruction Steering Committee (CISC) Leadership Symposium – Reflections on Sessions
    1. Conference Session Description (pdf)
    2. Knight's Instructional Coaching (pdf)
  4. Assessment Update
    1. Assessment Update (doc)
    2. Quality of New PARCC Assessments (ppt)

Blueprints for the SBAC summative assessments (updated in February 2015) can be found at

Blueprints for the SBAC Interim Block Assessments can be found at

Toolkit by the Silicon Valley Community Foundation's (SVCF) Silicon Valley Common Core Initiative can be found at

January 16, 2015

Meeting Agenda (doc)

  1. Overview of CA's Science Framework: The Next Generation Science Standards California Style
    1. Framework Update Powerpoint (ppt)
    2. Bee Colony – HS Life Science Example (pdf)
    3. HS Life Science Evidence Statements (pdf)
    4. Preferred Integrated Progression Specific Course Overview (pdf)
    5. Alternative Discipline Specific Course Overview (pdf)
    6. NGSS Resources:
      1. Classroom Sample Assessment Tasks:
      2. NGSS High School Evidence Statements:
  2. ELA/ELD Framework: A Focus on Making Meaning Training Module Update
    1. ELA/ELD Framework (ppt)
    2. Snapshots and Vignettes:
  3. 2014-15 Gold Ribbon School Program
    1. GRS Prezi:
  4. Announcements
    1. January 29, 2015 Close Reading for Deeper Learning with Carol Jago:
    2. January 29, 2015 – Responsive Design with Ralph Cordova
    3. January 30, 2015 – STEAM Colloquium
    4. February 3, March 3, and April 30, 2015 - Making Science Accessible to English Learners with Ursula Sexton
    5. March 10, 2015 – Amplifying STEM with Technology with Michael Gorman
  5. Update on California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP), Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC), and Test operations Management System (TOMS)
    1. Assessment Update


October 24, 2014

Meeting Agenda (pdf)

  1. Awareness and Update on the Next Generation Science Standards Roll-out
    1. NGSS Updates October 2014 (pdf)
    2. NGSS Rollout Overview (pdf)
    3. CSTA NGSS Estimated Implementation Timeline (pdf)
    4. CASPP Science Timeline (pdf)
    5. Three Dimensions of NGSS (pdf)
  2. California Mathematics Textbook Adoption Process and Concerns – Tom Adams, CDE
  3. Key Elements of the ELA/ELD Framework
    1. ELA/ELD Framework Key Element (ppt)
  4. 4. How Common Are the Common Core State Standards in the Fall of 2014: Update on Standards Adoption Around the US
    1. How Common are the Common Core State Standards (ppt)
    2. Turtle Graphic (pdf)

September 26, 2014

Meeting Agenda (pdf)

  1. SBAC Interim Assessments, Designated Support and Accommodations Tool
    1. Interim Assessments (ppt)
    2. Digital Library Overview (ppt)
    3. Review of Digital Library Presentation (pdf)
  2. Announcements
    1. Curriculum Council 2014-2015 Meeting Dates (pdf)
    2. Common Core Summit Registration Flyer (pdf)
    3. C&I Subcommittee/Leadership Meetings (pdf)
    4. Sub-Committee Descriptions (pdf)
    5. Common Core Distinguished Speakers Series Flyer (pdf)
    6. Distinguished Speakers Series – Ursula Sexton (pdf)
    7. STEAM Colloquium Save the Date Flyer (pdf)
    8. Alan November - Who Owns the Learning Flyer (pdf)
    9. Critical Topics for Education Leaders Flyer (pdf)
    10. Alameda County Office of Education's Integrated Learning Specialist Program (pdf)
    11. California ELA/ELD Instructional Materials Reviewer Recruitment Flyer (pdf)
    12. California Healthy Kids Survey Flyer (pdf)
  3. Where are we in terms of standards adoption, Framework Approval and Text Adoption?
    1. Framework Updates
  4. Statewide Pattern of Text Adoption According to County Offices
    1. Math Textbook Adoption
  5. Evaluating Quality Instructional Products (EQUIP)
    1. EQuIP Rubric and Quality Review (ppt)
    2. EQuLP Web Addresses (doc)

March 28, 2014

Meeting Agenda (pdf)

2014 – 2015 C&I Subcommittee/Leadership Meetings

  1. Developing and Fine Tuning CCSS Aligned Report Card
    1. SRVUSD Elementary Common Core Report Card (ppt)
    2. MDUSD 2014 – 2015 Elementary Report of Student Progress (pdf)
    3. MDUSD Questions and Answers for Parents Pamphlet (pdf)
    4. MDUSD Parent Letter (doc)
    5. MDUSD 1st Grade Report of Student Progress Draft (pdf)
    6. MDUSD 3rd Grade Report of Student Progress Draft (pdf)
    7. MDUSD 3rd Grade Report Card (doc)
  2. Financial Literacy – What is written in the math Frameworks and the new related legislation
    1. State Superintendent highlights supplemental resources (doc)
  3. Jr. Achievement Presentation on their no cost curriculum on Financial Literacy
  4. Brief update on Most Promising New Materials Developed by SBAC and CDE
    1. SBAC Performance and Classroom Tasks (pdf)
    2. Administration Guidelines (ppt)
    3. CAASPP Update (doc)

February 28, 2014

Meeting Agenda (doc)

  1. Introduction to our new Sr. Assessment Fellow from CDE (support for SBAC pilot) – Mary Tribbey
  2. What is SBAC's Secure Browser: What does it do?
  3. 2013 Mathematics Framework: Overview of the Instructional Strategies Chapter
    1. Mathematics Instructional Strategies (ppt)
  4. Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS): Issues in Middle School Science
  5. Debriefing the Curriculum and Instruction Steering Committee's (CISC's) 2014 Leadership Symposium
  6. Discussion of Districts' Professional Development Needs


January 31, 2014

Meeting Agenda (doc)

  1. Webcast: Deb Sigman, CDE – CDE Activities that Support the Upcoming SBAC Tests
    1. Supporting the Field – Getting Ready for Spring 2014 and Beyond (ppt)
  2. Spring SBAC Field Test
  3. 2014 Math Textbook Adoption
    1. 2014 Mathematics Adoption (doc)
    2. Other Math Handouts (ppt)
  4. CCSESA Toolkit for Examining Math Textbooks
    1. Toolkit for Evaluating CCSS Curriculum (Math) (pdf)
    2. Pam's Outline of the Math Toolkit (doc)
    3. Math Curriculum Evaluation Toolkit (pdf)
  5. Publisher Fair Dates
    1. 2014 Mathematics Publisher's Fair Save the Dates
    2. Math Fair Flyer – March 3
    3. Math Fair Flyer – March 10
    4. Math Fair Flyer – March 13
  6. Update on ELA/ELD Framework
    1. ELA/ELD Framework Update (ppt)


October 25, 2013

  1. Secondary mathematics Course Placement and Sequencing: Accelerating students in the common core era.
    1. High School Pathways (ppt)
    2. Secondary Mathematics and the Common Core True/False Quiz (pdf)
    3. Precalculus Standards Alignment in the Enhanced Integrated Pathway (pdf)
  2. AB 1266 (Ammiano) – Pupil rights: sex-segregated school programs and activities (Signed into Law on August 12, 2013).
  3. Examining the Illustrative Math Website – Get a jump on the common Core Summit by looking at one of the keynote speaker's (William McCallum's) website – Illustrative Math is a strong and well vetted site with many resources for math teachers at all grade levels.

September 27, 2013

Meeting Agenda (PDF)

  1. Impact of A B 484
    1. Assembly Bill 484 (April 24, 2013 Version): Proposed Education Code Amendments
    2. Policy Analysis for California Education (PACE), The Common Core Meets State Policy: This Changes Almost Everything
    3. AB484 Update from CDE (PPT)
    4. AB484 News Summary
  2. California's Next Generation Science Standards
    1. Next Generation Science Standards – Overview and Updates, September 2013 (PPT)
    2. Three Dimensions of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)
  3. Update on Curriculum Frameworks/Textbook Adoptions and Resources
    1. Schedule for California State Board of Education Action on Standards, Curriculum Frameworks, and Textbook Adoptions
    2. 2013 Revision of the Mathematics Framework (PPT)
    3. CCSS Shift in Traditional Courses
  4. CCSESA 's CCSS Implementation Document
  5. Professional Development Learning Modules on the Brokers of Expertise
  6. Common Core State Standards Professional Development Opportunities
  7. Guest Presenter: Jessica Valdez, Manager of the Statewide Assessment Transition Office at CDE
    1. Assembly Bill 484 (April 24, 2013 Version): Proposed Education Code Amendments
    2. Policy Analysis for California Education (PACE), The Common Core Meets State Policy: This Changes Almost Everything
    3. AB484 Update from CDE (PPT)
    4. AB484 News Summary
  8. Use of Common Core State Standard Funds
  9. Addressing Myths regarding Common Core State Standards
    1. Common Core Talking Points against Common Core Curriculum
    2. A Point/Counterpoint Approach to Common Core Communication
    3. Common Core Opposition Themes – National Picture
    4. California and the Common Core News Article


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