Mexican Free-Tail bats flying out from Austin's Congress Ave. Bridge

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Doug Prouty - Contra Costa County Office of Education

Like bears, bats will either migrate to warmer areas in the winter or they will hybernate. Bats often roost in large groups. They will have the babies hang together to stay warm. They are very picky about their homes. They must roost high enough to avoid pretators. And they must have the right temperature to stay warm but not too hot. And they have to have food and water near by.

There are almost 1000 species of bats and many have different diets. Many eat night insects, others eat fish and frogs or pollen or fruit. The three species of vampire bats drink blood.

Many bats are becoming endangered because their habitats or homes are being destroyed. There are many bats that depend on the rainforest for their home. Rainforests used to cover 12% of the earth and now only cover 2%.

Should we protect bats?