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Contra Costa County Superintendent of Schools, Karen Sakata, and the Contra Costa County District Attorney's Office, are proud to partner on an awareness campaign entitled Every School Day Counts: Attend today, Achieve for a Lifetime! This campaign is designed to provide communication resources to schools, engage school communities, and boost student attendance as soon as children enter school.

Year three of our county-wide
Attendance Awareness Campaign kicks off!

Contra Costa County Office of Education is excited to embark on another year of helping you to raise awareness regarding the importance of daily school attendance.

Themes for November:

Elementary School – “No empty chairs, we want you there!”

Key message: For every day of school missed, it takes three days to make up what was taught. Families should avoid extended vacations that require your children to miss school.

Middle and High School –
“School only gets harder when you stay at home too much!”

Key Message: Sometimes it's tempting to stay home because you've got too much work or you don't understand what's going on in class. But missing a day only makes it worse.



Attendance Awareness Webinars

View More National Webinars Produced by Attendance Works Here:

Archived Webinars

August 2016
Collective Action: Taking a Cross-Sector Approach

National Attendance Awareness Month Webinar – August 2015
Start Strong: Address the Attendance Gap in the Early Grades

National Attendance Awareness Month Webinar – August 2015
Finish Strong: Address the Attendance Gap for Teens

California Principals Webinar – August 2015
Leading Attendance: How Elementary Principals In California Can Close the Achievement Gap by Reducing Chronic Absence


Plan Ahead... Use the Attendance Monthly Themes and Key Messages in your School Newsletter

Improving attendance and reducing chronic absence takes commitment, collaboration, and tailored approaches to address each individual school community. The Contra Costa County Office of Education is committed to providing your school with tools and resources to help you meet your goals of improving attendance at your school sites.
Click here to learn more!

The Every School Day Counts Toolkit

toolkit imageThe Every School Day Counts Toolkit helps schools and community partners get started in taking steps toward those solutions. The downloadable digital file includes:

  • Toolkit Overview
  • A Tool for Self-Assessment
  • Parent flyers in English and Spanish
  • Talking points about attendance for multiple audiences
  • Tips for getting in touch with hard-to-reach parents
  • Guidelines for establishing school-wide attendance incentives
  • Attendance certificates to reward good attendance
  • Posters To Display at your Schools

Download your school district's customized Every School Day Counts Toolkit here


Download the PDF infographics below (English and Spanish) and help spread the word about Attendance Awareness! Courtesy of Attendance Works

Attendance Awareness infographic EnglishAttendance Awareness infographic Spanish

Attendance Works – A toolkit for identifying promising local practice:

Attendance Works toolkit


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